Dr. Montalban led a study that proves the efficacy of a drug in primary progressive multiple sclerosis

The New Journal of Medicine has published the positive results of Ocrelizumab in the treatment of primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS). Dr. Xavier Montalban, head of the Service of Neuroimmunology of Vall d’Hebron and director of Cemcat, is the corresponding author of this article and leads the Scientific Board of the phase III clinical trial ORATORIO that has risen out these results. The Sclerosis Multiple Centre of Catalonia (known as Cemcat in Catalan) has participated in this clinical trial.

Cemcat has provided training to 40 profesionals from the Middle East

More than 40 international profesionals have received specialized training in Multiple Sclerosis during the month of October at the Cemcat. Most of them were neurologists and nurses from the Middle East who were interested in expanding their knowledge on the disease.

ECTRIMS 2016 and developments in MS: How Cemcat participates

Cemcat’s team participates in the ECTRIMS 2016 congress with a high number of informs/communications (more than 25), earning its place amongst the five most productive groups worldwide. Dr. Xavier Montalban, Director of Cemcat and president of ECTRIMS 2016, pronounces the inaugural conference which focuses on the diagnosis and customized treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. The congress is the most important in the field of MS and it brings more than 9000 profesionals together.