Collaborating means multiplying efforts in order to achieve goals better and faster. Our goal: To improve the quality of life of the patients with Multiple Sclerosis and other neurodegenerative diseases.

At the Centre for Multiple Sclerosis of Catalonia (Cemcat) we cultivate collaboration, and year after year we create new ones. The Cemcat itself was a product of an Alliance between the Departament de Salut (Health Department), the Institut Català de la Salut (Catalan Institute of Health) and the civic society (Multiple Sclerosis Foundation). Alliances and collaborations are in the Centre’s DNA.

In 2015, the Foundation Cemcat was created to promote and manage the research and the teaching on Multiple Sclerosis.

The collaborations fostered by Cemcat have the following scope/objectives:

  • Profesionals better trained in Multiple Sclerosis (See Teaching)
  • Research projects that aim for a better understanding of the disease and finding the best treatment for each patient (See Research)
  • The incorporation of technology for the collection and analysis of data in benefit of the patient.
  • Developments in regards to the management and quality of the services offered by Cemcat