How do I contact Cemcat?

There are two main forms of contact:

  • Telephone: 931 751 555
  • Mail:

The fax number is 932 746 084

What are Cemcat's opening hours?

  • Opening hours are from 8:30am to 5pm

Where can I consult further information about Multiple Sclerosis?

It is important to you to resolve all your queries with medical professionals, and if you look for information on the Internet, to use official websites.


At the Multiple Sclerosis Centre of Catalonia (Cemcat) we recommend, for example, that you consult the online portal of the Multiple Sclerosis Observatory,with content reviewed by Cemcat itself and approved by the Official Medical Association of Barcelona. You will find information there about the disease, frequently asked questions, advice, etc. The Multiple Sclerosis Observatory is a website promoted by the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (FEM).

Observatori Esclerosi Múltiple

How do I request an initial appointment at Cemcat?

You will need a referral sheet from your general practitioner. You can contact Cemcat if you have any queries in this regard.

How do I request a second opinion appointment at Cemcat?

You will need to contact the User/Patient/Client Response service at your reference hospital. You will there be required to fill in a second opinion request form in order for the hospital to pass this request on to Cemcat.

I am not covered by Social Security, but do have mutual health insurance. Can I make an appointment at Cemcat?

You can make an appointment at Cemcat with mutual health insurance if the mutual insurer authorises this.

How do I access the Cemcat neurorehabilitation programme?

If you are already a Cemcat patient, your doctor will explain how to do so at your appointment: you will need to head to the ground floor of the Cemcat building, where they will provide you with information about the procedures.

If you are not a Cemcat patient, you will need to send (or bring) the detailed information set out below:

  • Referral sheet addressed to the FEM from your general practitioner
  • Medical report
  • Photocopy of your ID card and health card
  • Disability level certificate

In all cases you will be called for an initial evaluation, followed by confirmation as to whether you are a candidate for rehabilitation. You will then receive a letter informing you and setting the start date for your rehabilitation. 1-2 months will normally pass between the evaluation and the start of rehabilitation, although the period will depend on demand for the service at that time.

If you have been included in the Cemcat rehabilitation programme, which lasts on average 5 months, you will receive periodic calls to attend rehabilitation. Approximately every 8-12 months.

What do I do if I have to change the date/time of an appointment, test or rehabilitation session?

You need to inform Cemcat as far in advance as possible so that the appointment can be scheduled for another patient. This is very important in order to be more efficient and to make the maximum use of the available resources.

How do I request a medical report, how long is it valid for?

You will need to contact Cemcat and explain the reason why you need the report. The last doctor who saw you will normally have the task of drawing up the report. If you expect to need a report for any formal procedure, ask for it in advance.

The report is valid for 6 months.


What should I do if I have lost my appointment slip?

Please take particular care to keep your appointment slip in a safe place. If you have lost it and cannot remember the date of your visit, then phone Cemcat.

Why am I seen by a different doctor at each appointment?

At Cemcat, all patients can be seen equally by any of the service professionals (doctors and nurses). This is made possible by means of protocols agreed among all the professionals which are the result of Cemcat's experience and the latest knowledge available in handling the disease.

It should also be borne in mind that the professionals stage meetings (clinical sessions) to discuss all initial appointments together, possible changes of medication, etc. As a result, for example, the diagnosis or treatment explained to you by any particular neurologist at Cemcat will have been agreed by all the neurologists and professionals at the weekly clinical sessions. We believe that patients benefit from this form of cumulative knowledge shared among all our professionals.

Are there support services/groups of patients and relatives?

Cemcat has in place support groups for parents affected by multiple sclerosis, and also the partners of patients. The groups are led by the centre's social worker. Further information. The centre also stages information sessions for patients and relatives, Further information..

It should be emphasised that the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (FEM) provides services for people with MS and also their carers, and offers training and occupational inclusion services. The FEM can also provide you with information about the available resources.