"Most families have to deal with some disease, and we have ended up living with multiple sclerosis". José and his wife Rosa María had just started a family when she was diagnosed with MS. That was more than 35 years ago now.

"No dramatics, no self-pity". According to Julia, that is vital when you have to live with MS. She was diagnosed with the disease when she was aged 17, and just beginning her Industrial Engineering studies. She says that she has learned "to dance with the whirlwinds".

I don't think of myself as a sufferer, but as someone who has a disease, and aim to be positive and make the most of every moment. You have to do everything you can do, and do it today. Live the present.

"Sometimes people say that I deal with my disease really well, but what good would it do me to deal with it badly? Unless you are positive, you end up putting barriers in your own way. I also aim to keep informed about the exercises we do in rehabilitation, understanding what they are for, and applying those that are useful for me in my daily routine".

"A lot of people call multiple sclerosis 'the disease of 1000 faces', because it affects each of us differently. There are different treatments for each patient… Those of us who have the condition always call for there to be more research into it".